One woman’s journey through a century of love, war and discovery. Curiosity, Adventure, & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where few young women of her time and upbringing would go... into the arms of chance and life. A young American woman leaves her country and all security behind, to begin an adventure in the Philippines that would witness the birth of a nation, a cruel war and occupation and reconstruction. Jessie, is a striking personality, somewhere between Scarlett O’Hara and Amelia Earhart, who knew no boundaries and flew far ahead of her times, without regard to sex or society. Her story of a century well-lived is both rich and one that should restore our faith in our own humanity.


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Sunshine Lichauco de Leon
Suzanne Richiardone

CNN PHILIPPINES “Profiles” Program – (click here)

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The August 12th show focused on the life, legacy and documentary fim about Jessie Lichauco, including an interview with the 104 year old lady herself.


ABS-CBN – “New film retells story of 104-year old migrant”

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In a generation where moviegoers are obsessed with romantic comedy, science fiction and apocalyptic stories, first-time filmmaker Sunshine Lichauco de Leon chose to deviate from the bandwagon by retelling the

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Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Philippine Daily Inquirer– “Film on longtime American expat in PH premieres in Washington DC”


ANC’s “HEAD START with Karen Davila”

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August 5th morning show in the Philippines featured an interview with Sunshine Lichauco de Leon, Co-Producer, Co-Director & Co-Writer of Curiosity, Adventure & Love.

Jessie Lichauco

A Centenarian’s Story of Curiosity, Love & Adventure! (A Review) @NanaFilm

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I’m fascinated by people who live for 100+ years and get to tell the story of their life. I’ve always wondered, “what is the secret to living a long awesome life?”

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Coconuts Manila’s Review – (click here)

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“Amazing! Docu about 104-year-old Jessie Lichauco will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside” – Coconuts Manila